5 Reasons to Upload NOW!

0001066The worldwide presence of YouTube, a video sharing website, allows for billions of potential leads for your products, service or information.

YouTube can serve as a means of marketing and advertising, enabling affordable publicity and the potential of worldwide recognition. YouTube also provides the perfect platform for customer service. With increasingly complex technology releases invading the market, product demonstration videos can create a great base of interaction with customers.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider using your YouTube account for the sake of your business:


  1. Google

    There is a close connection between Google and YouTube… for example any Gmail account automatically has the same YouTube account (unless you have changed your account information). This means that the more you post things on YouTube (and tag your posts with your relevant keywords), the more likely you are to appear on Google’s search engine results.
    One of the most popular searches on YouTube and Google are “How to…” videos, so see if there is any way your company can incorporate these into your products and services.

  2. Social Media

    Did you know there are routinely higher click-through rates and engagement rates on Facebook and other Social Media platforms when photos and videos are used? Don’t miss out on this chance to get more response from your posts!

  3. Free and Easy

    “The best things in life are free,” right? Well so is YouTube! You can upload, view and share as many videos as you want, and it is not very hard to do! Follow their simple instructions, and before you know it, you will have your own video database to pull from!

  4. Look more “Tech-Savvy” than you actually are!

    The best thing about free and easy technology is that it has the power to make you look more advanced (technologically speaking) than you actually are!
    If you are unsure about how to make videos, here are some suggestions for sites to check into:

    Ezvid for free “drag and drop” methods of video making.
    PowToon for creative and fun animated videos.

    Or you may have some already installed software on your computer to easily make videos… the best way to find out is to try it and see what happens!

  5. Advertising

    This option isn’t free, but paid advertising on YouTube is also a possibility. Advertisements will show at the bottom of a viewer’s video screen while a video plays, or for high level amounts, before the actual video. This could be an option for you and your company.

YouTube has a profound audience, as diverse and nearly as large as the human population itself. With a prospering and growing web-based population, video sharing will continue to reign dominant, so NOW is the time to begin your expedition into video sharing services!

Keeping you “in the know” about technology trends and practices is our pride and joy here at FirstABS, and we invite you to learn more about our services and product offerings.