irst American Business Wins UCaaS Hosted PBX Cloud Deal

First American Business Wins UCaaS “Hosted PBX Cloud” Deal

Organizations of all sizes are moving their business-critical applications, including Phone systems, to the cloud because of it flexibility and cost-effectiveness.  Customers are choosing First American Business!  First American Business takes all the worry out of offering cloud-based voice services.   We handle implementation and on-going support including working with your existing carriers and suppliers. We support our clients 7×24 for complete offer.   Here is only one of our many customers:

Hosted PBX Cloud

Hello Destination Management are “Meeting experts” charged with a myriad of responsibilities when planning meetings in far-away places. Ultimately, Hello provides outstanding experiences for their guests. At Hello! Destination Management, their purpose is to deliver outstanding guest experiences. “Outstanding” may be exciting, inspirational, educational or just serene. Their formula for success is simple; extraordinary people with local expertise and a passion for designing and delivering superior events. And they like to have fun along the way!

Hosted PBX Cloud

Offering a fully hosted SIP base phone service, First American Business provides Voice Plus level of support which includes phone service with over 200 features including unlimited long distances services.   Hello! Destination’s San Francisco office was up and running in a matter of weeks!   Their workers had a choice of hard phones or softphones or mobile phones – any option to meet their needs.   No pbx hardware on-site and no unnecessary upgrades and maintenance.   First American Business all of that in our geo redundant Cloud.   Working with our partner Ribbon Communications, First American Business delivers full Unified Communications to the employees and Hello! Destination Management.