Managed Services

First American is In the Cloud

As a leading provider of Telecom services, First ABS and First ABE must be must be able to support 20 year old analog voice systems as well as global UC in the cloud. In January of this year (2018) First American took its own internal operation “to the cloud”. All of our own employees are now running on a state of the art E-MetroTel Telephone Solution. First American is a proud channel partner of E-MetroTel telephony solutions and now we are also a user of their service. E-MetroTel, headquartered in Plano Texas, is a cost effective telephony and contact center solution targeted at the small and mid-enterprise market.

Here is where E-MetroTel excels:
• Perfect for companies with up to 5,000 users.
• Perfect for companies that have legacy systems like Nortel who what to save money by replacing the core but reuse the handsets.
• Perfect for companies who want a traditional Appliance solution delivered and installed at their site; or
• Perfect for companies who want a hosted “Cloud” solution where they pay for what they use on a subscription basis!

The E-MetroTel UCX is a cost-effective SIP Based Unified Communications solution that helps customers extend the life of their existing IP, Digital or Analog and add new open standard SIP devices. Employees become more productive and collaborative by using new UC capabilities – while leveraging the existing telephony investments and reducing ongoing maintenance cost.
UCx supports Analog, Digital and VoIP phones — in any combination.

With UCx Cloud First American team members can plug in Digital and IP phones into their internet router and use web browser for our PCs/smartphones. These end points communicate with our own First American UCx instance in the Cloud for voice, video, fax, conferencing. We get access to all of the features and applications for one price. It’s very simple—for all of our many remote U.S. office locations we can provide our team with a standard set of all-inclusive features.

UCX delivers the latest Unified Communication features such as integrated mobility, Home working, Call Recording, Meet-Me Conferencing including support for SIP compliant telephones and cost effective SIP trunks.

The feature rich, E-MetroTel solutions includes:


Never miss another call. Ensure all calls find you based on rules you create, using features like scheduler, simultaneous ringing and privileged lists. Don’t want customers to know you’re working from home? Make and receive calls on your mobile device, with the appearance of using your office phone.

Conference Bridge

Host your own on-demand conference calls for both internal and external attendees, with all the features like conference recording and add or remove participants. It includes: Password-Protected Conference Bridges, Third-party dial-in through DID, Participant Management & Conference Recording.


Interactive Voice Response offers several options to help ensure that your callers don’t get confused and trapped. Within each IVR, you can choose whether or not to allow your callers to dial an extension at any time. This is useful for creating different kinds of IVR experiences. Play a sound to the caller, then continue to the next action. This is for greetings, prompts, instructions, etc. Use the Sound Manager to record whatever sounds you want.

Call Recording

Record Calls on Demand or all calls. Complete set of call records that are easy to access, browse and export. Set up recording of every call made or received on an extension-by-extension basis. Also you can create a rule that dialing a particular sequence in the course of a call (such as *1) will result in the call being recorded.

Contact Center

Easy to configure and use yet highly effective contact center solution with advanced reporting. Minimize customer hold time by sending the caller to the agent that is properly trained to handle their query. Transfer callers who require specific handling in a certain area, such as technical support or sales, directly to agents. Keep the callers in queue if all agents are busy and provide choices to go to another group, supervisor or even have the system call them back.

Integrated Messaging

Simple flexible voice messages users retrieve from their hard client, Softphone, portal or even via email. Leave you a Voicemail message that can be sent to you as a .wav file to your favorite email client.

Call Detail Reporting

Complete set of call records that are easy to access, browse and export. A log of all calls made including: source number; destination number; call duration, date and time. Full graphic reporting included as standard.

UCX WebRTC Client

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications, and the technology is focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice, directly within web browsers. The WebRTC client that’s built into every UCX system allows you to use a simple web-interface on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

First American is in the Cloud

At First American we were looking for a cloud based phone system that could keep up with our rapid growth. We have employees throughout the United States and wanted a consistent and reliable interface for everyone. We also need and easy and quick way to bring on new employees and our new Cloud solution is a great fit for our operations.