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A Family of Companies
Company Bulletin Notice:

Significant changes are in the works at First American Business and we wanted to share the exciting highlights with you in this Company Bulletin Notice:

New Name:   We have simplified our name to First American Business.   Because of our rapid growth in both the government sector and the commercial market, we had aligned our staff and processes to support both lines of business under First American Business Solutions (First ABS) and First American Business Enterprise (First ABE).   While we do still have that focus to drive performance and results based on the needs of both markets we realized that it has caused some confusion with our customers and we want to make doing business with us easier!   Hence the new, simplified name “First American Business”.

Single Web Landing Page:  Effective August 1, we have a new single web site landing page:

Users of this site can access the First ABS and ABE specific information but only need to bookmark a single site to get all the news and updates regarding First American Business.

Single Collaboration System:  Effective August 8th, the First American Business team is migrating to our new collaboration platform on Office 365. As we have continued to grow in the project line of business, it was determined that more functionality and consistency was needed. Office 365 gives us the ability to use Outlook calendars, share calendars, have access to Skype for Business, back up our work on OneDrive Storage, and much more!

We are moving forward with our email migration to MS 365 Exchange.

Following the migration all of our employees’ companywide will have a single email address utilizing “”

Our new email addresses will look like:

Other key company email addresses will be:

New Ticketing System:  Starting in October, First American Business will officially be on our new Intelligent Service Management (Ticketing) System.    This new system will allow us to serve our customers better through a single portal for Problem Management, Incident management and reporting.

Supporting Features for our new system include:

  • Manage Invoices, Orders and Quotes
  • Support Tickets entry
  • SMS Messaging (Text Messages) (Single, Automatic, Multiple)
  • Suppliers tracking
  • Knowledgebase for customers as well as internal employees
  • Purchase Orders (all aspects of assigning a PO # and tracking o Transaction readouts for customers’ accounts as well as administrative transaction logs
  • Advanced reporting for company administrators to use
  • HMS (Human Resources Management System) for tracking employees and payroll
  • Customer online payment and account crediting. Invoices can be created from Quotes by 1 button push.
  • Quotes can be approved online by the customer via 1 button push.
  • Orders can be done by the built in Point of Sale (POS) system or done online orders. Customers can shop for products, services and parts. Orders have inventory management
  • Support tickets created in any status (Open, Closed, Awaiting Part, On Hold, Etc.)
  • The entire system is responsive meaning that it will display correctly on any device! (Tablet, Smartphones, Laptop, Desktop)

At First American Business we are excited about all these new changes and the enhanced value they will provide to our end customers.   Everything we do is built around customers and customer satisfaction and we believe these changes are an example of our commitment to provide quality support.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thank you – First American Business