The Cloud: Everyone is saying you need to move to the cloud. But should you?

Think of the Cloud like a Restaurant. You can buy the ingredients, prepare the food and eat at home. Or you can outsource all those tasks and go to a restaurant. So what is better…, running your own IT department (i.e. eating at home) or letting someone else do everything for you and move to the cloud (i.e. a restaurant).

Let’s evaluate the 10 reason why you should move to the cloud…. Or should you?

Every business is under pressure to perform, grow and maximize the return on investment to sustain and survive the ever-increasing competition. IT departments in today’s businesses are no different and have been looking for ways to improve the bottom line while not sacrificing quality. As a result, they are looking at Cloud computing to achieve their goals.

Cloud computing offers several advantages but it has disadvantages too. In this two-part post, let’s first look at the “top 10 advantages” offered by the Cloud:

So as we can see there are pros and cons to moving to the cloud. Cloud clearly offers some advantages such as Data Recovery and Sharing but on the downside it is almost always more expensive and less secure.