Critical Alarms & Spares

Critical Alarms & Spares
Critical Alarms

Within 15 minutes after an alarm is generated on the affected system monitored by First American Business Outpost monitoring server, an email notification will be sent to distribution list and acknowledged by First AB. Once this alarm has been received, the First AB NOC support team will acknowledge the alarm in Outpost by changing the alarm to assigned status and began troubleshooting.

If the alarm is an Alarm Escalation, a ticket will be created in the First AB Ticketing System – and will be created after the alarm is acknowledged in Outpost. An Alarm Escalation takes place when the alarm does not clear by itself.

  1. After receiving the Alarm notification, FABs verifies in Outpost and acknowledge the Alarm by assigning to the remote tier III NOC engineer
  2. Contacting the First AB Tier III remote engineer by phone and notify them of the Alarm Escalation.

If alarm cannot be closed remotely then:

  • Our NOC will call the end-customer (contact list will be provided to First AB)
  • Ask the customer if they require an on-site dispatch
  • If yes, contact a local tech for dispatch & spare part

Spares Coverage

First AB provides critical spare parts for the telephony systems we manage.  Spare parts replacement coverage for our customers works as follows:

  • Parts coverage will provide for replacement of any covered part First American Business determines to be inoperative. Replacement parts may be new, factory reconditioned, refurbished, re-manufactured or functionally equivalent depending on availability of the part to be replaced.
  • First AB will confirm if the replacement part is a critical component and replace if necessary.   Non-critical components will be replaced at Customer’s request.
  • First AB may ship or hand deliver replacement parts as required to meet the Service Levels.
  • A First AB engineer or the Customer (with direction from First AB), will follow Manufacture’s maintenance instructions to replace the Spare part component/device.

NBD:  Next Business Day coverage.   If requested and covered parts replacement request received by 3:00 p.m. EST, part(s) shall be delivered to the local site the following business day (M-F) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time

24×7:  If requested and covered parts replacement request is validated, spare part shall be delivered to the local site all days of the week within 24 hours.