Monitoring with First American

Monitoring with First American

If your network is down your business is down.   Have you ever experienced the frustration of your business’s voice network being completely down?  Your contact center?  There are some companies who “react” to issues when they happen and there are some companies who are “proactive”.   The companies who are not proactive generally believe it costs less than being proactive, however when you factor in the cost of down time and lost revenue that is not necessarily the case.

To be proactive in managing your network, it is best to have eyes on your network at all times.  Not just Monday – Friday 8 – 5, but truly on a 7×24 basis.   Proactive monitoring, alarm generation and notification give you those “eyes” even when your staff is not there.   If an outage happens to your voice network on Saturday and you are alerted and able to fix it over the weekend, think how much better that proactive solution is to showing up on Monday morning and then starting your trouble shooting while your business leaders are pressuring you for an answer.

At First American Business Enterprise, our monitoring product suite is focused on two major areas:

1 – Monitoring remote Telephony and IT equipment, and

2 – Giving you secure, simple access to that equipment from anywhere in the world.

Our solution starts with connectivity to your remote site. The solution does this by having a small appliance at every customer location. The appliance is called an ENS and it has all the connectivity and logic to connect to any console. The device supplies access in one of two different ways: 1 – Via a Secure Access Link Tunnel (SALT) through the remote firewall and back to your central location, or 2 – via Modem.

To Monitor or Not

First American’s solution is “Device Agnostic”. As long as the device at the customer’s site has some mechanism for communicating that it is unhappy, we can monitor it.

First American monitoring gives you what you need the most: knowing that there is something wrong with the systems, knowing it before the business user might even know it, and having the ability to fix the issue from anywhere before it has a serious impact on the business’s operations.

Summary:   With First American Business monitoring (part of our full managed services offer) you get on solutions that provides:

  • 24×7 local and remote network monitoring
  • Proactive notification via email
  • Fail over connection
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Easy Web Browser tools
  • Port History and replay
  • Keyword search and alert
  • Secure remote access

7×24 NOC support from First American Tier III engineers:  Tier III engineers with Lee, Steve and Sean have certifications and are skilled engineers covering ALL Blue and most red systems and applications. Also John (Tier III) and Norm (Tier II) provide SL100 and CS2100 support followed by Tick and Dave (both Tier III) and others.