New Lab

First American Business is excited to announce the launch of its new Lab in
Tampa Bay Florida in September 2019.

IT environments are getting more complex with the expansion of technology.   No place is that more evident than Telecom.   Contact Center environments are extremely integrated with multivendor technology from companies like, Avaya, Nice, and Verint.   Unified Communications with Voice, IM, Chat and Video continue to evolve.   Sometimes the root cause of an issue is difficult to detect especially when new releases are being deployed and the number of products in the environment continue to expand.   Many customers are looking for their IT suppliers to fully test telecom and certify products prior to their deployment on production servers.

The new First American Business Lab will add value to our customer base in these key areas:

  • Testing new releases and software loads prior to production deployment
  • Integration testing for adjunct systems
  • Root cause research
  • Staging of large scale switch configurations prior to deployment programs
  • Building hardware platforms in a controlled environment

Also available to our customer is the ability to “Rent” the facility.   Our customers can bring in their team of engineers to work side by side with our team to research and test integrations with multiple 3rd party products.

While continuing to expand and evolve our First American Business LAB contains a full complement of standard products including:

Avaya LAB product includes:

  • Avaya CM
  • Avaya IP Office Release 11
  • Aura Release 6.3 / 7 and 8
  • Avaya Elite Contact and AACC center platform loads
  • AAEP

Cisco LAB product includes

  • Cisco Call Manager
  • Cisco Switches & Routers

Nortel LAB product includes:

  • CS1000 release 7x
  • Call Pilot

Ribbon LAB products (coming soon) to include:

  • G5 Gateways
  • Application Servers
  • Kandy

Additional Solutions will be reviewed and added as needed

Network testing and the equipment that supports it have not traditionally been viewed as “strategic” by even the most savvy business and network operators.   That is changing with the constantly evolution of Unified Communications where testing equipment is a must.

Load testing devices and protocol simulation suites are increasingly script-driven and can thus be pre-loaded with various scenarios that can be run quickly and analyzed to help suggest solutions to problems in the live network. This won’t eliminate all outages, but will allow for more stability and better performance of the network.

Quality can be achieved through rigorous and continuous testing of the respective systems in a given ecosystem, which, in turn, will help in increasing customer satisfaction.

First American Business continues to evolve and look for ways to add value to our customers – our new LAB is a step in that continued evolution.