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Customer Responsiveness – What to Expect When You’re in Need

Customer Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of business for FirstABS. When you’re in need, we will be there for you.

So what does Customer Responsiveness mean to you?

For us, it means answering the phone in a timely fashion and returning missed calls quickly, responding to emails promptly, and dispatching qualified technicians rapidly when needed. It means frequently posting and monitoring our blog, newsletter and social media, because we recognize these platforms as our fastest and most efficient way to keep in contact with you and with future clients.

FirstABS is working hard to make these service areas a reality, but as always, we appreciate your feedback and thoughts on our progress.

Do these things fulfill your Customer Responsiveness needs?

To ensure that you are properly equipped to get the answers and tools you need – when you need them, make sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter and click through to link to our social media. The links for our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be found at the bottom and top of this page. If you need something quickly, contact us and we promise to assist you in a timely and efficient manner!

Taking a Deeper Look into IP Office

Did you know FirstABS now provides a full Avaya IP Office solution for our key channel partners? We have developed a customized program designed to help our customers with hundreds of locations.

The FirstABS IP Office offers several advantages to help keep you productive and profitable, including:

Project Coordination

• FirstABS will provide a Project Coordinator to serve as the primary point of contact for the Prime (customer lead program representative)
• Our Project Coordinator will collaborate with your Prime on dates of implementation, tracking of equipment, site contact and location of installation, staging of equipment, technician assignment, installation of equipment and post installation training and support.

Site Survey
We will perform one survey for each site. The survey will include:

• Equipment room inspection.
• Verification of and power requirements for equipment including base station units.
• Validation of wiring and terminations for Avaya equipment and wireless station units.

Staging and Programming
You ship the equipment to our staging area for programming prior to your implementation date:

• We will unbox and inventory all equipment.
• We stage and program equipment based on your predetermined requirements.
• We will send to the our technician prior to the date of your site installation.

Installation of Equipment
Our technician will install the IP Office equipment at each site location. All installations will be scheduled around your required time frames.

• We will de-install the current telephone system and remove it if requested.
• We unbox and inventory all equipment.
• We install the Avaya IP Office in the sites telecommunication room.
• We set out the end user telephones.
• We mount the wireless base station as necessary.
• We perform cable runs.
• We test all features before leaving site.

Post Installation Support and Training
Our onsite technician will provide post installation support to troubleshoot issues that may arise from the installation.

If the Avaya IP Office sounds interesting, please contact us to learn more about our competitive “turn-key” service, and get your customized program underway!

We Now Provide Full Support on CS-2100/SL100

At FirstABS, we continually seek opportunities to increase our value to our customers. We are proud to announce that FirstABS now provides full support on SC-2100/SL100. Unified Communications (UC) brings the future to us now by integrating all of your real-time communications services.  In addition to providing full CS-2100/SL100 support, we are working tirelessly to explore ways to extend your legacy install base platforms to ensure you are prepared for the next generation of UC.

In 2012, Avaya and GENBAND extended their relationship. GENBAND now provides full development support on the Avaya CS-2100/SL-100 platform.  We have since become a Bronze partner of GENBAND, which affords us the opportunity to leverage the company’s product enhancements and software updates. With this core level of OEM support, FirstABS will expand its 2100/SL1000 service portfolio to include dispatch, engineering, tech support and monitoring. In a nutshell, we will be able to provide any and all needed support for these carrier class platforms.

As with any technology, these products continuously evolve over time, so count on FirstABS to ensure you stay current and achieve maximum productivity.